Not sure if you need therapy?

If you’re struggling to decide whether now is a good time to start therapy or wish to better understand the nature of your emotional discomfort, please see the links to the tests below. Unlike many psychological tests that require to be administered by a trained professional, these tests are self-administered, which means you can take them independently to get a better idea about the nature and the severity of your mental health symptoms.

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Mental Health Assessment

Everyone experiences some stress, episodes of sadness or fear triggered by past memories. However, clients often report having difficulty understanding whether the strong emotions they experience are normal or whether they indicate the need for therapy. The following test can be helpful in determining whether ones emotional struggles fall within a normal range or whether they might be a sign of a potential illness. Note: this test is not used as a formal diagnostic tool


Test Your Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

If you aren’t sure whether your stress, anxiety and depression reach unhealthy levels you can take a free test offered by Dr. Paul Koeck on his website 15 Minutes For Me

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Mental Health Tests, Quizzes, Self-Assessments, & Screening Tools

This website was developed by Ivan K. Goldberg, MD and offers a wide range of self administered tests that help you assess your mental health and predisposition for a range of diagnosable conditions