Adolescence is a period of uncertainty for many young people. As they confront life's challenges they may need support to understand their emotional experiences, process their values and aspirations in life, confront their fears of rejection and failure, learn to recognise their authentic self and define their identity as adults. My practice offers two alternatives for treatment of teenage clients.

Individual Counseling for Teens


Creative Arts Psychotherapy is the perfect method for working with teenagers. It gives them an opportunity to strengthen their developing egos by employing creative skills.

Through creative expression they not only find their personal voice but process issues and fears that they may still struggle to verbalise. While “talk” therapy is still part of the process, art serves as a gateway into conversation, a mode of expression that offers the most freedom to rebel and satisfy young people's need for multitasking.

As a result, teens use their weekly sessions to deepen their understanding of themselves and learn necessary life skills, while also engaging in a productive act of art making, which can inspire their faith in themselves and give them an additional outlet of expression outside their sessions.  

Small Peer Processing Groups for Teens


While individual counseling offers the best opportunity for in-depth treatment, teens frequently prefer peer groups as a safer way to share and process their feelings. 

In the safety of a small group that meets weekly to discuss shared struggles and experiences, teens learn to open up to their peers and develop deeper relationships, in which they feel free to be authentic.

One of the most important focuses of the process is the group members’ ability to empathise with each other and give each other honest feedback. Usually this feedback — delivered in an atmosphere of acceptance — proves to be the most potent tool to effect long-lasting change.

Why choose to work with Elizaveta?

I spent most of my career and had consistently good results working with youth and children. To engage my young clients on a more proactive level I approach my work with them as a collaboration where clients are treated as experts of their situation. To make the session feel less formal I include art making, music, poetry and play into our sessions. This combination of therapeutic techniques also inspires my young clients to feel more creative in the way they handle their daily stressors. To address the high stress level common for today’s youth, big part of my work includes introducing them to stress-reduction and relaxation techniques, psycho-education and life coaching.