My approach to therapy


Therapy on your own terms!

Rather than choosing one method, I believe each client deserves an individually tailored treatment approach. Not everyone can benefit from a classic “talk therapy” because not all emotional experiences can be described in words. Similarly, not everyone is looking for a deep analysis of the way their childhood experiences affected their present or wishes to explore their unconscious. To some people, focus on a present moment and development of concrete strategies to improve one’s functioning is the way to go. While some people need to be completely open about their life in a therapeutic setting, some need to have more control and work only on a small aspect of their life experience. I respect my client’s needs and believe that to feel better they don’t need to abandon their comfort zone

In my practice I combine a number of methods that allow me to target a wide range of psychological problems. My two main influences are Analytic Art Therapy and different forms of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT, commonly known as “talk therapy”). 


success in therapy

Potential benefits:

This method can help you

1)    improve the way you handle stress 

2)    process your inner conflicts & find self-acceptance 

3)    interact with others in a more harmonious way

4)    develop specific strategies to target specific problems 

5)    learn techniques to cope with strong emotions 


Example: in a high stress working environment many people might struggle to meet the demands of their employers. While some individuals can be realistic about their capacities and accept that the work demands exceed what they can humanly achieve, others take the failure to cope with expectations as a personal fault or a sign of their inferior skills. In the first instance, people can cope with work load to the best of their abilities, in the latter case – their abilities will be further impaired and their self esteem will suffer. Through CBT an individual can learn to challenge negative thinking and come up with strategies to improve one’s functioning. 

Analytic art therapy

innovative thinking

Sometimes we don’t understand ourselves enough to be able to talk about our problems in therapy. When we express ourselves through image making (doodling/drawing/collage etc.) rather than talking, the unconscious thoughts and fears come closer to the surface. By interpreting them we discover parts of our mind that previously were hidden from our awareness.

Potential benefits:

By learning to use art as a form of self-expression and interpreting it, you can

1)    gain a greater sense of mental clarity

2)    learn to vent feelings that you aren’t ready or can’t put into words (this can be particularly helpful to children or trauma survivors)

3)    improve your creativity and innovative thinking 

 Different parts of our brain become activated when we express ourselves through art vs. when we use words. Thus, combination of Analytic Art Therapy and CBT is very effective because it engages the brain more fully on a cognitive and physiological level. Hence, this approach has been very effective in bringing positive long-lasting results.