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Are you feeling that your emotions are becoming too much to bear?

As humans we have a deep need for connection, a trusted "other" to make us feel understood. However, the idea of looking for a therapist can seem intimidating - many of us feel uneasy when we think of opening up to a stranger.

My goal is to help you find the inner resources to handle your daily stress and lead a fulfilling life. Thus, my first and foremost focus is to make you feel at ease and open to share anything you have in mind. This does not always come easy - sometimes words feel too shallow and we're left with a sense of being choked by our emotions. This state can be very isolating.

In this case what we need is to switch to a different language. As an art therapist, in addition to using traditional “talk therapy” (CBT) I can teach you to use visual language (doodles/drawings/collage) to express your thoughts and feelings. As a result, you will be able to process the difficult feelings that previously held you back.  

It is very important to me as a therapist to see you becoming the master of your condition and learning to manage it independently from me. To achieve this, I spend a lot of time educating my clients about their symptoms and methods of self care that will help them to gain more control over their inner states. I approach therapy holistically, so in addition to art and discussion, I will provide you with training in mindfulness and relaxation as well as nutritional guidance to help your body improve its resilience to stress.

My background


I am a licensed art psychotherapist and a life coach. During my career I focused on the treatment of

  • anxiety disorders

  • depression

  • trauma (PTSD)

  • identity and adjustment issues

  • chronic stress and burnout reduction

I use multi-modal approach to therapy by combining

  • “talk therapy” (different forms of CBT, including Internal Family Systems therapy)

  • analytic art therapy (combination of psychoanalysis and art)

  • naturopathic guidance to mental health

This combination of therapeutic methods helps me target my clients' problems on multiple levels, achieving a more enduring, positive change.

I work collaboratively with my clients during every step of treatment and foster a warm, accepting environment that helps enable my clients to feel at ease during our therapy sessions.  

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